NSA: Please Turn off the Lights When You Leave. Nothing to See Here.

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Mailvelope for Chrome: PGP Encrypted Email Made Easy

Linux Advocate Dietrich Schmitz officially endorses what he deems is a truly secure, easy to use PGP email encryption program. Read the details.

Step off Microsoft's License Treadmill to FOSS Linux

Linux Advocate Dietrich Schmitz reminds CIOs that XP Desktops destined for MS end of life support can be reprovisioned with FOSS Linux to run like brand new. Read how.

Bitcoin is NOT Money -- it's a Commodity

Linux Advocate shares news that the U.S. Treasury will treat Bitcoin as a Commodity 'Investment'. Read the details.

Google Drive Gets a Failing Grade on Privacy Protection

Linux Advocate Dietrich Schmitz puts out a public service privacy warning. Google Drive gets a failing grade on protecting your privacy.

Email: A Fundamentally Broken System

Email needs an overhaul. Privacy must be integrated.


Cookie Cutter Distros Don't Cut It


The 'Linux Inside' Stigma - It's real and it's a problem.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Turn a Deaf Ear

Linux Advocate Dietrich Schmitz reminds readers of a long ago failed petition by Mathematician Prof. Donald Knuth for stopping issuance of Software Patents.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye Linux Advocates. Hello World.

I've decided to close Linux Advocates.  It started out fun but turned into something else.

People matter to me.  There's a Big World out there and Linux is one small facet of my life.

I'll continue to hang out on Google Plus and, if the spirit moves me, write something on my personal website.

Thanks to all the LA Contributors.

So, Goodbye Linux Advocates.  Hello World. -- Dietrich

Monday, January 5, 2015

Comments Pre-Moderation is Now Off. Let the Cage Fight Begin.

It's 2015, last I checked.  I have set comments to post without pre-moderation.  Which is to say, you can write whatever you wish and it will post directly to DISQUS.

If you are well behaved, things will be fine.  Otherwise, I will 'shoot and ask questions later'. ;)

Let the Cage Fight begin! -- Dietrich

I am looking for writers.  If you have the chops, send an email to: